Greg began teaching in 2008. He learned the classical Pilates method through a unique, individualized apprenticeship with Collette Stewart following the completion of a degree in dance from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. His interest in anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement, and somatic restoration led to additional certifications with Eric Franklin (Level I and Level II) and a yearlong professional dance program under the direction of Steve Paxton–a leading figure in the contemporary dance world. All totaled, he has completed over 1000-hours of relevant training and he continues to study regularly with a variety of teachers in New York including Irene Dowd (Biomechanics of the Spine/Trunk, Biomechanics of the Lower/Upper Limbs and PNF Patterns). His training style aims to find what really works for the body at hand. This generally means: following the breath, focusing on form and working strongly through all phases of the movement in order to find the right balance of stability and mobility.