A Complementary Modality

The MELT Method is about returning the body back to its ideal state, especially in conjunction with exercise. Unfortunately, most people don’t know they have misalignments or dysfunctions in their body when they exercise. If your body is not prepared for exercise, you can easily end up injured! At a minimum, you create tension and stress if you exercise and your body is not in proper alignment or has inhibited extensibility.

MELT uses gentle props: specialized rollers, bands and balls to treat and support the connective tissue system. The outcome is natural pain relief of both chronic and temporary symptoms. You’ll see and feel results within the first 10 minutes of class.


MELTed Pilates improves alignment and allows for increased stability and improved mobility – the cornerstones of the Pilates method.

When you add MELT to your Pilates session or class, you experience an immediate change in alignment and awareness. In other words, you get to sense how your body feels when it’s in a more ideal state. You also tap into your neurocore, which regulates your body’s reflexive and rooting mechanisms. When your core is working efficiently and your connective tissue is hydrated properly, performance and execution improves. You will notice a deeper connection in your body and to your Pilates practice.    

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Soft Roller

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