virtual classes

We will continue to offer Virtual Classes of various levels and types for only $20!

Our Virtual classes give you access to our outstanding instructors who are well versed in online teaching. We strive to bring you the highest level of Pilates Instruction at the most convenient times. We also offer recorded classes for those days when our schedules just do not align!


Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Mat our various classes highlight the fundamentals of Pilates while focusing on core connection, increased flexibility, and balance. The Pilates principles of concentration, centering, control, coordination, breath, and flow come to life as students are guided through specifically targeted exercises at a consistent pace. Level up with Beyond Beginner , or spice up your mat with

Intermediate Mat / Pilates with Props are designed for Pilates lovers with knowledge of the Mat order and methodology. Additional prop purchases or household items such as soup cans or a hand towel will add an extra layer of fun and complexity.


MELT Method classes offer a complementary modality to the Pilates Method. In just one class, participants will feel more centered, grounded, aligned and have a deeper core connection. This MELT “magic” happens as a result of connective tissue (fascia) rehydration. MELTed Pilates combines the two modalities to help participants eliminate pain and compensation during movement. This means less neck tension and hip flexor strain during Pilates. This class utilizes a soft full sized roller. Mini MELTed Pilatesclass gives you the optimal pre/post workout self-care. No experience required!

class guidelines

  • Virtual Classes start on time in accordance to our online schedule. Please allow time to find your class confirmation email with ZOOM link.

  • Please use the name associated with your Candlestick Pilates account for zoom. We will be able to easily identify you and admit you from our waiting room.

  • Participants who arrive 10 minutes after class start time will not be allowed to join, and will be considered a late cancellation. This guideline honors the safety and warm-up period that our teachers work into the class curriculum, as well as fairness to participants who do arrive on time.

  • Classes have a 12-hour cancellation policy


Prices do not include 4.5% NYC Service tax. We accept the following payment methods:

Cancellation Policy

Reservations must be cancelled no less than 12 hours in advance of class time to avoid a late charge. Early cancellations will be applied to a future class reservation. Class purchases are transferable, but non-refundable. Thank you for understanding that we must enforce this policy strictly.

We provide this courtesy to our instructors who are compensated on a per client basis and have made a time commitment to our schedule.

*Please note: if the class you are trying to reserve is full, we do have a waitlist feature. By adding yourself to the waitlist you will be AUTOMATICALLY added to the class up to 12 hours prior to the class start time. If you are added close to the cancellation period, you will have a 2 hour grace period to cancel.